Secure Your Business with the Latest in Data Room Technology

The electronic data room is a kind of connection between the company’s existing document management and Internet content management systems. Therefore, the company’s confidential data is stored clearly and structured in electronic form. Moreover, they are stored in the form of a special Internet site, protected by the principle of a fireproof cabinet.

Why Should You Use Online Deal Room Solutions?

It often happens that for certain business procedures, a corporation engages third-party companies that need to be granted access to confidential company information temporarily, for instance:

  • external audits (financial or technical);

  • data room implementation by an external enterprise;

  • joint projects;

  • merger/acquisition procedures.

In this case, you need to solve the following problems:

  • easy access to data of a limited circle of users of the partner organization;

  • data security disclosed to the partner organization;

  • designing an automated procedure of agreeing, granting, and revoking access to the data storage.

Online deal room system offers a lot of essential options, such as:

  • coordination of temporary access of a group of users of a partner organization to an Internet data room;

  • safe access to critical data for a group of users of the partner organization temporarily by making use of encryption;

  • configurable deal room lifetime and destruction of the documentation stored in it based on the generated policy.

Document Management

Populate a new room with data in one click. Drag and drop files and folders from your computer to the upload window. You don’t need plugins. Upload documents to the data room in no time. There are no restrictions on the size or number of uploaded files. What matters here is that the upload of files to the data room will be completed.

Upload files in any of over 25 available file formats. There is no need to prepare files before uploading. The files are converted to a verified PDF format. They can be viewed in any browser, so no additional software is required.

Ease of Use

You can view protected documents in their native format without using plugins. There is no need to install software or download any programs. Java language is not required.

There is a single sign-on and one password for all projects. There is also no need to remember all your passwords and project names. Visit and view the contents of your online deal room with a mobile-optimized interface.

Virtual Data Rooms are accessible in any of 12 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Turkish, Japanese, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), and Russian. Scrolling lets you quickly jump to the next file in a folder right from the document you’re currently viewing. This will save you a lot of time if you need to look through hundreds of documents. You can use the data room on almost all devices and platforms: Windows, Apple iOS, Android, etc.

Protection against Unauthorized Access

You can establish detailed security rules regarding password strength and user session duration. Set the time to revoke access to files. You can also restrict access to the data room to a specific period and IP addresses.

Manage user permissions to view, securely download PDF files, print, download source documents, and edit based on the user’s role in the project.  Make sure project members can only access the documents they need and check any user’s permission to access files.

It comes as no surprise that two-level authentication requires a password and a one-time code sent to the user’s mobile phone in an SMS message. Apply security tools and control access to protected documents on users’ mobile devices.

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