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Mental Focus

Turn on Wealth Mind Activation to Win

Picture your self enjoying a good life Monday through Friday, during business hours, getting massages, shopping for groceries, doing whatever you want, and never having to rush to a job again.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are comedian cash flow educators, The Mooney Twins. After decades of serving under priviledged communities around the country and making our mark in the world of entertainment.

We found ourselves approaching 50 and trying to avoid facing the hard facts that we were struggling and broke. After a period of looking cross eyed at each other, we began to re-evaluate things.

That's when Wealth Mind Activation (WMA) was born. WMA retraces the mental and action oriented steps to financial freedom.

These methods that combine proven strategies and two of the greatest philosophies changed our lives forever. This concept is so easy it is sure to change yours too.

Join us as we show you how to turn our relentless pursuit for financial freedom, into your very own personal success story.

For booking information for your group, or organization contact The Mooney Twins 323-823-4969

Our desire is to assist you in changing the quality of your life by helping you to identify, with clarity your desires and then together, developing a winning plan of action to fulfill your wildest dreams. We want you to produce results that will make a solid impact on your life and change thinking patterns that keep you from living your peak potential.

We will provide motivation, perspective, encouragement and even the tools to get you going. We will also challenge you to change. Our job is to help you imprint a new financial blueprint and create abundance for yourself, your family, your community and the world.

Your Consultants for vibrant mental health and financial fitness