The Mooney Twins

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The Mooney Twins

      Perhaps best known for their roles as Kenny Rae and Benny Rae in the 1979 sports/fantasy comedy film “The Fish that Saved Pittsburg,” the Mooney Twins have dedicated a lifetime to energizing communities with resources and progressive often life changing information, through the medium of humor and laughter.

As social philanthropist, the Mooney Twins enjoy a long list of humanitarian awards and honors that span the 30 years of their careers in comedy and public speaking. The Mooney Twins, bestowed with the magnificient gift of prestige and celebrity, are deeply amoured for their contributions to the entertainment industry; their great trides in the human potential movement. and also, in connection with their father, the legendary, Paul Mooney.

Note from the Mooney Twins:

     For more than three decades, we've dedicated our lives to sharing life changing information, easing social tensions, and creating smiles, with comedy. We coined the phrase "Conscious Comedy" -- which simply means humor with a message intended to heal deep social wounds. We've had a great life, visiting nearly every city in the country, sharing Conscious Comedy in night clubs, and speaking at corporate offices, government and non-profit organizations, colleges and Universities.

      In the last decade, in concert with the changing face in technology, and the incredible age of information, we've grown! We recognized the incredible opportunities that exist to first cushion our pockets and help others to do the same. We saw the potential to dramatially change lives, even in times of "economic distress."

As the online world has the potential to change lives exponentially with online investing and a host of passive investment income opportunites; we are compelled, as always to share new techniques and walk through procedures for financial empowerment.

     After co-starring in the motion picture "The Fish That Saved Pittsburg" we left the big screen, focusing our efforts in the human potential movement. We became life time students and mentors in self-development, and later the millionaire mind.

     While studying the "Millionaire Mind" we took special interest in the strategies that the exceedingly rich use to create wealth, and maintain their fortunes. Which in turn, took us in the direction of investing, utilizing the stock, forex and real estate markets.

Daryl and Dwayne Mooney,

The Mooney Twins -- Benny Rae & Kenny Rae "The Fish that Saved Pittsburg" '79, Comedy Central

     Because of our former lack of experience and eagerness to get started. We lost over $150,000. It was devastating! But we never gave up. We went back to the drawing board, got better mentors and more information, and perfected our investment strategies.

      It was all worth it! We can sleep as late as we like, we have time to think and create, and we never work a J.O.B., but we're making money on a daily bases.

      Using Passive Investment Income Programs, (PIIP) We make a comfortable living, with just one to three hours a day; we check our investments, research and test new strategies. And you can do this too!

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