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The Mooney Twins Top 10 Success Strategies For Passive Investment Income Programs

1. Never use money you can't afford to lose.

2. Always take your principal out, as soon as you've matched the principal in earnings, from then on you're using the houses money.

3. When the profit is too high, like 3% or higher a day, its most likely a scam. But there are acceptions. In general profits between 15 and 50% a month are more stable.

4. Never take anybodys word that the company you are looking at is a good one. Do your own research. Use the internet to check on the company, make sure the company has a contact number, an address and is with a first class payment processor like Solid Trust Pay

5. Never invest all your money in one program. You should be in at least 5 programs. That way if one develops pay out issues, or folds you still have other programs that are paying.

6. Check on the programs everyday. Go to each company's forum and check in on blogs and social networks that discuss your programs.

7. Your goal should be to make a least $10,000 a month profit.

8. In general if the investment program has a higher profit the less money you put in, the smaller the profit; the more money you put in. You will sleep better at night.

9. If you want to make more money recruit people, most of these programs pay a referral fee. This extra pay can be extremely attractive.

10. Be very serious about these programs, and have a whole lot of fun. This can change your financial life.